Ronald Ponkey Photography | Redford, MI

Why did you become a Wedding Photographer?

When I first decided to get into Wedding Photography, I did it for love. I fell in love with being able to be a part of peoples love story. That may sound extremely cliché but it’s true. It’s so much fun for me to photograph your special day and to show off my attention to detail.  I get to be a part of the Wedding Planning and I get to enjoy the day doing what I love, photographing the wedding.

Why hire a professional photographer? 

Anyone can take a nice picture but there’s more to photographing a wedding than showing up with a camera. Professional photographers use their years of training and experience to produce consistently excellent images under pressure. Pros bring studio lights and have back-ups on hand in case of equipment failure.  A professional photographer provides retouching, photo editing, studio services, album design, and much, much more.

Photography is something you can spend as much on or as little on as you want, but you get what you pay for. With a professional, you’re not just buying photography, your buying years of experience and education, dozens if not hundreds of hours of skilled labor using tens of thousands of dollars worth of professional equipment to produce heirlooms your children and their children will treasure forever and most importantly piece of mind. When you don’t hire a professional, you simply don’t know what you’re going to get.

Why not use an amateur, family member or friend?
Good technical skills alone do not make a good wedding photographer. A professional acts professionally, regardless of stress, time constraints, or familial discord. Also amateurs don’t have backup equipment, don’t design albums, don’t have online viewing for your friends and family, don’t retouch your photos, and don’t know how to pose people. Remember, it’s your only wedding and their are no second chances.

In what style do you shoot?
I prefer a mix of styles when I shoot a wedding. This way you can get all the traditional family shots that are important, as well as a number of photo journalistic or candid photos that best capture your personality and the spirit of your day. This also means that you get to spend more time enjoying your wedding, rather than posing for the camera.

How much do you charge to photograph a Wedding?

We offer a variety of packages photography packages.  The amount varies on each couple’s budget and their interest in capturing their Wedding day. Our photography packages allow bridal couples to have options available whether you are shopping for budget reasons or an all-inclusive experience!

What types of Payment do you accept?
We accept most charge cards, personal checks, money orders, and cash.  * There is a minimal fee for charge card transactions.

How much do you charge for travel?
It depends on where you want us to go! Generally the travel fee for a wedding, that does not require an overnight stay, is minimal. For travel that requires an overnight stay, please ask for a quote.

I definitely want to book. Can’t you hold my date without a deposit?
No. Sometimes plans change, wedding dates change, or budgets change and brides have to cancel. While we’re holding your date, we can’t accept any other inquiries. Our time is our most precious commodity and any weekends we don’t work, we don’t earn a living so we book on a first come first serve basis.

So how do we book?
We require a signed contract and a non-refundable scheduling fee to reserve your date. The remainder of the balance for your wedding package will be due 2 months before your wedding date. This gives you an opportunity to pay your balance and go over the details on your wedding day.

How far in advance do you typically book weddings?
We’re often booked six months to a year in advance. But sometimes dates occasionally slip through the cracks. Regardless, we recommend booking as soon as possible, as there are no guarantees, and once were booked we’re booked!

Do you shoot engagement and bridal portraits?
Absolutely. We highly, highly recommend this to all our couples because this gives us the perfect opportunity to work together and become comfortable with each other.

How many photos do you take?
The number of images I capture depends on the length of the wedding and availability of the bride & groom, bridal party, family and reception activities throughout the evening. Packages offer unlimited number of pictures throughout the wedding day.  Our Editor will edit all photos down to the best and they will be posted on the bride and groom’s online Gallery for  friends and family to view and purchase.

Who will be the photographer at my wedding?
Unless otherwise specified and barring any catastrophic disasters, I will photograph your Wedding as I have for the last 32 years. A Second photographer can be added for a additional fee to your package based on the availability of that photographer.

Will we be able to meet with you prior to the Wedding so we can plan our wedding day from location to location?
Definitely! We will first meet when you reserve your Wedding date with our studio. At that time, we look forward to discussing with both of you what your expectations are for a absolutely perfect Wedding. Two months prior to your Wedding, we will meet with you again to set the actual locations, times and take note of any special photographs you would like taken. At that time, you will also pay off your wedding package balance.

What types of albums do you carry?
Our deluxe packages offer premium professionally designed book bound albums offering both a choice of the flush mount storybook style album of the highest quality

How much time is required to take professional photography on my wedding day?

Usually it requires one hour with the bride, bridesmaids, and her family before the wedding & one hour is required with the groom, groomsmen, and his family. After the wedding, it takes approximately 40 minutes for the formal photographs on the altar with the bride & groom, their families and the wedding party.

How long after the wedding does it take to view my wedding pictures?

Online viewing of your wedding photographs are usually posted within 30 days after the wedding.  Your Hi-Res USB Thumb Drive is ready for pickup, with your print release, once your wedding pictures have been posted online.

Are my wedding photographs edited before we view them online?
Our studio editor will custom edit all photographs prior to being put online.

Is their any fee for retouching or color correction?
Minor retouching is included. Their is no additional charge for minor retouching, color conversions, or basic art effects.

How long do you archive images for after the wedding day?
We guarantee we will preserve your images for at least 1 year after your wedding date, but we typically keep photos on a variety of hard drives much longer.

Can we buy additional prints not included in our package?
Yes. We include our reprint prices in our bridal packet. You are free to either use our convenient online ordering system, or stop by our studio to purchase any additional prints you would like.

What about Destination Weddings?
I was born with a passport in hand! I’m kidding, but I do love to travel! I will travel as far as I can take my business, unfortunately due to Laws/Regulations I do not photograph in Canada..
My regular Wedding packages apply any additional Travel expenses (flight, gas, hotel, etc.)

What if I have more questions?
I’m an open book! Just let me know, you can E-Mail me at or call the studio to speak with me directly – 313-531-3551 and discuss the details further! There are never too many questions!